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4th CIMAC CASCADES March 2014, London

CIMAC’s 2014 seminar for younger engineers took place at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London, UK, on March 14, 2014, and fully hit its target of bringing together younger engineers and leading industry experts for information exchange and networking. Moreover, the London staging of CASCADES was a truly international event, reflecting the globalised world we live in – at its core were nine informative presentations from young engineers representing companies from all around the world.

They were:

  • Martin Axelsson, Wärtsilä Finland OY, Finland
  • Michael Gisiger, ABB Turbo-Systems Ltd., Switzerland
  • Marius Ligensa, L’Orange GmbH, Germany
  • Benjamin Oszfolk, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, Germany
  • Madan Pal, Daido Metal Co. Ltd., UK
  • Thomas Frank Petersen, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Denmark
  • Viktor Spirov, Ricardo UK Ltd., UK
  • Noriaki Yoshioka, Niigata Power Systems, Japan
  • Dr. Shinsuke Murakami, AVL List GmbH, Austria

The CASCADES seminar centres on case studies of topical development projects presented by younger “role models” who describe the results of their projects, how they achieved them and the challenges faced. About 70 engineers participated in the conference, which was extremely well organised by the UK National Member Association of CIMAC, under the leadership of respected engine industry statesman Humphrey Niven.

The programme started with a keynote speech by Dr. John Carlton, Professor of Marine Engineering at the City University of London. Prof. Carlton gave a much praised overview regarding future scenarios of engine technologies and drive systems.

All the presentations by young engineers addressed changes in power system technology at different levels of the system in order to improve efficiency: Two lectures described the component level, especially the optimisation of the crankshaft and bearings. Regarding the subsystem as the second level, lectures on a variable valve train and a common rail injection system were presented. The engine was the third level. Presentations centred on the optimisation of  combustion on medium speed and low speed diesel engines respectively as well as the potential of spark-ignited gas engines. The level with highest potential to increase the efficiency of a drive system is the optimisation of the drivetrain itself. Presentations on hybrid systems, installed in a locomotive and a tug boat indicated that improvements of up to 30 % are possible.

The CASCADES award for the best presentation went to Benjamin Oszfolk from MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, Germany, for his outstanding lecture with the title “New Propulsion Systems for Non-road Applications and the Impact on Combustion Engine Operation”.

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