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January 16

CIMAC Circle at Marintec 2015 in Shanghai

River Shipping - Quo Vadis?

The CIMAC Circle during Marintec 2015 in Shanghai on Dec 3rd focused on the Chinese river shipping emissions. International experts gave presentations on the current legislative and technological developments for fewer emissions from inland waterway vessels followed by a discussion. 

Allan Wang from ABB Jiangjin Turbo Systems chaired the session and gave the floor to Axel Kettmann (CIMAC Vice-President Communication, ABB) at first, who introduced the CIMAC organization and the upcoming CIMAC Congress in Helsinki, Finland. Liguang Li from Tongji University gave information on the Chinese Society of Internal Combustion Engine (CSICE), which is the Chinese CIMAC National Member Organisation, and the host of the CIMAC Circle in Shanghai. 

Allan Wang startet the expert’s lectures with general information on the Chinese river shipping, the emissions caused by the vessels and the ship owner’s requirements. Luo Xiaofeng from CCS Wuhan showed the roadmap to stricter emission limits for inland waterway vessels and reported on the status of ships and engines in use in China, the first experiences with LNG and his expectations for the future development of emissions abatement technologies. Rongming Shi (MAN Diesel & Turbo) and Göran Hellén (Wärtsilä), two representatives of engine manufacturers, presented their state-of-the-art technologies to meet the future Chinese requirements. A comparison between diesel and gas engines and three introduction strategies for new limits were shown by Dr. Udo Schlemmer-Kelling from FEV Germany. 

Shouyu Lu (Yuchai Machinery) compared the legislation suggestions of the Chinese Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and pointed out that the abatement strategies need a guaranteed fuel quality. 

During the Q&A session, a lively discussion about the current and future river shipping emission regulations, and the possible technical solutions arose.
The panel (presentation material can be downloaded from the right hand column):

Allan Wang, ABB Jingjin Turbo Systems Co., Ltd. (panel chair)

Xiaofeng Luo, CCS Wuhan Rules & Regulations

Rongming Shi, MAN Diesel & Turbo

Göran Hellen, Wärtsilä Corporation

Dr. Udo Schlemmer-Kelling, FEV GmbH

Lu Shouyu, Yuchai Engineering Research Institute

Panel CIMAC Circle Marintec 2015

Some visual impressions:
   Registration              Introductory speech A. Kettmann           Introductory Speech CSICE

panel chair Allan Wang            Presenter Xiaofeng Luo           Presenter Rongming Shi

Presenter Göran Hellén           Presenter Udo Schlemmer-Kelling            Presenter Lu Shouyu

               audience                              audience

                discussion with the audience                                 discussion with the audience

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