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July 15

CIMAC Circle @ Power-Gen Europe, June 9, 2015

Again an interesting CIMAC panel discussion, this time on 'Piston engines - fast and versatile power to balance renewable energy', took place at Power-Gen Europe in Amsterdam on June 9, 2015, and was well attended with about 100 participants.
The panel consisted of

  • Patrick Frigge, GE Power & Water (panel chair)
  • Christian Hultholm, Wärtsilä Finland OY
  • Markus Kahi, ABB Turbo Systems
  • Wilhelm Müller, Caterpillar Energy Solutions
  • Klaus Poepsel, Rolls-Royce Power Systems
  • Dr. Christian Poensgen, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE

A comprehensive report of the Circle has been published by Power Engineering International (PEI) which highlights the interesting panel presentations. Unfortunately, however, the article misses the last speaker, Dr. Christian Poensgen, Vice President R&D Engineering of MAN Diesel & Turbo. After the five questions of his previous speakers, he asked 'Emissions: economy, or environment, or even both?'. The answer he gave in this respect is quite clear: Reciprocal combustion engines are designed to meet all worldwide existing regulatory standards, and the development departments of all major engine suppliers are working on methodologies to comply with future rules.Looking into the details it can be seen, they are on a very good way. With respect to carbon footprint, reciproking engines have a significant advantage to coal power plants by 50 % - 70 % less CO2 output per kWh. Over and above flexible plant operation results in significant fuel cost reduction, which translates 1:1 in less CO2 emission. As a byproduct, the latter translates also into reduced costs of CO2 emission certificates.

The event was held in cooperation with

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