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May 07

CIMAC Recommendation 26 | Guidelines for diesel engine lubrication - Impact of low sulphur fuel on lubrication of marine engines (2007)

Environmental legislation already in place has impacted the marine industry, and with new legislations on the horizon engine manufacturers and shipowners are evaluating a number of options to maintain compliance with emissions standards. Low sulphur fuel operation may not be restricted to SECAs (SOX Emission Controlled Areas) but may be encountered all over the world, where low sulphur fuels are readily available (e.g. South America).

This document describes the key technical issues that marine engine builders, shipowners and the marine industry as a whole will face. Although the primary purpose of this paper is to examine the specific aspects of low sulphur fuel on lubrication, it will also examine, albeit in less detail, other emission concerns. It is not the purpose of this recommendation to endorse any single method of emissions control or to suggest preference of any particular method.

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