What is CIMAC? 

CIMAC is the leading global non-profit association of the Internal Combustion Engines Industry consisting of National Member Associations and Corporate Members in 27 Countries in America, Asia and Europe. 

Large combustion engines are essential to the global economy, especially in maritime transport, energy and rail sectors. Realizing this, the International Council on Combustion Engines was founded in 1951 in Paris. The acronym CIMAC comes from the French “Congrès International des Moteurs A Combustion Interne”. 

CIMAC covers diesel and gas engines as well as gas turbines that are used for power generation, marine propulsion and locomotives. CIMAC membership includes engine manufacturers, engine users such as shipowners, component suppliers, fuel and lubricant companies, research organizations, classification societies, universities and other interested bodies all over the world.

CIMAC members have access to a network offering a wealth of knowledge & experience in all aspects of the large internal combustion engine industry.

CIMAC provides a global platform for discussion through a range of events, namely the CIMAC Congress (once every three years) as well as CIMAC Circles, CASCADES and Web-Seminars which take place throughout the year. The content-related work evolves around CIMAC's Strategy and Workings Groups which produce publications on various topics. 

Association Structure of CIMAC

CIMAC's organisational structure is based on the CIMAC Council, the CIMAC Board, and the CIMAC Strategy & Working Groups.

The CIMAC Council, which is the decision making body responsible for CIMAC's policies, consists of the National Member Associations from individual countries and Corporate Members (in countries where there are no National Members Associations). 

The CIMAC Board has clearly defined responsibilities and implements CIMAC's policies. Its members along with the CIMAC Central Secretariat are responsible for the day to day business of CIMAC. The CIMAC Board is elected by the CIMAC Council for a tenure of three years, for the period between one CIMAC Congress to another. 

CIMAC, the Voice of the Global Large Engine Industry.

Want to become a CIMAC member?

To become a member of CIMAC it is necessary to join a national CIMAC organisation, known as a National Member Association (NMA). If no NMA exists in your country there is the possibility for companies or institutions to become a Corporate Member (CM) of CIMAC. To know more about CIMAC memberships contact the CIMAC Central Secretariat - Contact Form

  National Member Associations (NMAs)

  Corporate Members (CMs)