Industry leaders and organizations call for decisive government action to enable full decarbonization of international shipping by 2050

More than 150 companies and organizations from around the world with CIMAC being among them call for action: Shipping must align with the Paris Agreement temperature goal and be run entirely on net-zero energy sources by 2050. The public launch of the Call to Action campaign has just commenced. 

The signatories to this Call to Action firmly believe an urgent and equitable decarbonization of the maritime supply chain by 2050 is possible and necessary. The private sector is already taking important steps to decarbonize global supply chains. Now governments must deliver the policies that will supercharge the transition and make zero emission shipping the default choice by 2030. 

The Call to Action was developed by a multi-stakeholder task force convened by the Getting to Zero Coalition with members from the entire maritime ecosystem including shipping, chartering, finance, ports, and fuel production.

Read the press release here - Press Release Call for Action

The Call for Action is to be found here - Call to Action for Shipping Decarbonization

The report on climate commitments by the signatories is to be found here - Report on Climate Commitments by Signatories

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