Newsletter July 2021


In our second Newsletter of the year, we are only one year away from the 30th CIMAC World Congress in 2022 in Busan, Korea (June 13-17). Please find all information and updates regarding the Congress 2022 including the ‘Call for Papers’ which has been announced below. In addition, there is information about our latest CIMAC Tech-Talks and CIMAC publications.

We hope that you will actively participate and contribute to the success of the CIMAC Congress in 2022, and we take the opportunity to wish you a good summer break.   
With best regards,
Peter Müller-Baum
Secretary General 


CIMAC Congress 2022 ‘Call for Papers’ announced!

We are excited to report that the ‘Call for Papers’ for the CIMAC Congress 2022 Technical Program, which is at the core of our Congress event, has been published. At the Congress, we are also offering a couple of new formats where we need your feedback. Read more

Next ‘CIMAC Tech-Talks’ by GHG Strategy Group

Announcing the next ‘CIMAC Tech-Talks’ to be organized by the CIMAC Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Strategy Group on the topic ‘Future Marine Fuels: A Look into the Crystal Ball’ on July 13, 2021. Read more  

We are also pleased to report on successful organization of first two CIMAC ‘Tech-Talks’, organized by the CIMAC Digitalization Strategy Group and the CIMAC Working Group 7 Fuels. Read more

CIMAC Congress 2022 Busan: Sponsoring and Media partnership

Our sponsorship list is filling up fast. Are you interested in becoming a sponsor too? Get in touch with us on the links below to know more about how you can become partner to the event. Read more

We are also pleased to announce media partnership agreements for the CIMAC Congress 2022 with 'Ship & Offshore' (German publication 'Schiff & Hafen'), presenting specialist information on marine and offshore technologies for the global maritime market through their monthly maritime publications. Read more

Latest CIMAC Publications by CIMAC WG8 ‘Lubricants’ and CIMAC WG21 ‘Propulsion’

CIMAC Working Groups and Strategy Groups are working throughout the year to develop papers and publications for the industry. Please find the latest publication by CIMAC WG8 ‘Lubricants’ – 'Lubrication of Reciprocating Gas Engines' and CIMAC WG21 ‘Propulsion’ – ‘Hydraulics and Lubrication Rules of Steerable Thrusters’. Read more

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