Newsletter October 2019

Dear Reader,

In our October Newsletter, we would like to inform all our readers of the ‘Getting to Zero Coalition’ which CIMAC is proud to be a part of. The ‘Getting to Zero Coalition’ aims to reach the goals of IMO’s Initial GHG Strategy and supports the transition to a decarbonized shipping. 

The new CIMAC Questionnaire, which is now online and where we would like all our readers to give us your valuable feedback about the activities of CIMAC. The Newsletter also has all the information regarding the upcoming CIMAC Circles at PowerGen Europe 2019 and Marintec Shanghai 2019, as well as the 11th CIMAC CASCADES in Wuxi, China.  

In conclusion we have information regarding CIMAC’s social media channels, so follow and interact with us through our social media channels to find out more about future CIMAC events, working group activities and everything else to follow in the last quarter of year 2019. 
With best regards,
Peter Müller-Baum
Secretary General 


Press Release: CIMAC joins hands with the ‘Getting to Zero Coalition’.

CIMAC partners the ‘Getting to Zero Coalition’ to reach the goals of IMO’s Initial GHG Strategy. A link to the press release and the document is here - Read more  

CIMAC Questionnaire!

The CIMAC Questionnaire is now available online! We hereby request all our readers to give us your valuable feedback. A link to the Questionnaire can be found here - CIMAC Questionnaire  

CIMAC Circles at PowerGen Europe, Paris in Nov 2019 & at Marintec, Shanghai in Dec 2019.

The upcoming CIMAC Circle to take place at PowerGen Europe in Paris on November 13, 2019. The topic of the Circle is "Gas Engines Systems: Versatility in a Changing Energy Future". – Read more

The traditional CIMAC Circle to take place at Marintec in Shanghai on December 5, 2019. The topic is going to be the imminent ‘Global 0.5% Sulphur Cap 2020’. Read more

CIMAC CASCADES – October 2019 in Wuxi, China!

The 11th CIMAC CASCADES for young engineers which deals with “Low Carbon, High Efficiency, System, Integration” is going be held in Wuxi, China on October 11-12, 2019. More information on the event here - Read more  

CIMAC on Social Media!

CIMAC is active on Social media through the following channels, so come follow and interact with us here for all information regarding future CIMAC events and other activities for this year.  

CIMAC on LinkedIn - LinkedIn
CIMAC on Twitter - Twitter