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June 17

CIMAC WG8 Recommendation No. 31 - Lubrication of Two-stroke Crosshead Diesel Engines

The CIMAC publication has been compiled by the CIMAC WG8 'Marine Lubricants' members and provides a cognizance into the lubrication of two-stroke low speed diesel engines. The publication incorporates all the new and recent development drivers and the resulting changes that have taken place since 1997 when a first CIMAC recommendation regarding the same topic was published.

Therefore, the new CIMAC Recommendation 31: The lubrication of two-stroke crosshead diesel engines is a state-of-the-art providing relevant information and know-how about marine lubrication to the industry including ship operators, regulatory authorities and other interested readers. The recommendation includes insights into the following aspects:

- Emission regulations
- Fuels and new fuel application areas
- Engine design and configurations
- More varied engine operation conditions (like continuous operation at low load)
- Multiplicity of lubricating systems and concepts
- Evolution of lubricant technologies


The recommendation has been generated by the CIMAC WG8 ‘Marine Lubricants’ members who represent users, engine and equipment manufacturers, institutions and additive and lubricant suppliers.

The draft document is now made available online for download inviting the public for a review and comments. The time period for feedback is two months from the date of publication on the website and this will be reviewed subsequently before the final recommendation is released.

For your comments, please download the comments form and send the completed forms to

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