The International Council on Combustion Engines


Who we are
Our WG has 44 members from 15 countries with the following representation:
  • 16 members from engine manufacturers / ship builders.
  • 15 members from universities / research institutes.
  • 8 members from component suppliers.
  • 3 members from classification societies.
  • 2 members from ship owners /operators.

What we do
The aim of the working group is to discuss and contribute in an international, cross-industry forum on the implications of exhaust emissions and regulations for the marine industry and land-based power plants.

Our current projects and activities
  • Review of marine and power plant emission regulatory development – IMO, World Bank, Europe, USA, Japan, China, etc.
  • Discussion and preparation of documents on black carbon emissions from ships.

Latest publications

Meeting activities
Meetings are held twice a year and are hosted in turn by each member company.


Udo Schlemmer-Kelling
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Heikki Korpi
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