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Who we are

The new CIMAC WG21 'Propulsion' has been founded with the initial scope of dealing with Azimuth and non-shaftline propulsion manufacturers and potentially manufacturers of other electromechanical marine equipment directly associated with vessel maneuverability, such as the steering gear.

What we do

The purpose of the WG is for the industry to come together on a common platform to improve understanding between different industry stakeholders and to contribute to classification work with the main regulatory bodies.

The following sub-groups have been identified based on the first important topics that the working group has decided to work on:

1. Steering / Controls and related issues

2. Cooling & Lubrication

3. Materials

Meeting activities

  • First kick-off meeting on Sept. 28, 2017, in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Second meeting in spring 2018 in Helsinki, Finland

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