The International Council on Combustion Engines



To provide a forum to intensify the dialogue between engine users and manufacturers.

Who we are
We have 25 members in the following countries: Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, UK, Holland, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

What we do
  • We record engine abnormalities in an incognito database and engine maintenance costs in another private database.
  • At our meetings about every six months, we discuss members’ latest engine problems and see if we can solve them around the table.
  • We also operate an early warning e-mail system that is open to all members at anytime.

Our current projects and activities
  • Developments for IMO TIER I retrofit, plus TIER II + III practical acceptance.
  • LNG and dual-fuel engine operation.
  • Common Rail Technology Improvements.
  • Exhaust gas treatment and recirculation systems, waste heat recovery turbo generators.
  • Comments on EEDI, SEEMP and efficiency introduction to the shipping industries.
  • Evaluation of criteria for crew education and crew training improvements to manage all these new techniques.

Meeting activities
  • Regular meetings are held at about every six months and usually hosted by one of our members, but occasionally we arrange a meeting with an engine builder / designer to discuss operating problems not solved by the service department.
  • Occasionally, an ad hoc meeting is held in conjunction with an exhibition or CIMAC Circle meeting.



Anirudh Thekke Purayil
CIMAC Central Secretariat

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