Through CIMAC committees and working groups, the community interested in piston engines, gas turbine systems, non-shaftline propulsion systems, automation and controls, system integration and digitalisation solutions as a whole has the possibility to publish statements, recommendations, or just information documents. For those purposes the following types of documents exist and can be downloaded at the CIMAC homepage, while CIMAC Recommendations are available only via the Technical Database.

I. Guidelines

CIMAC Guidelines give information on certain technical aspects and shall enable the reader to understand a topic better and / or to evaluate it from technical perspective. Those documents are written by Working Groups and can be published on responsibility of the WG without any further decision process within CIMAC.

II. Position Papers

CIMAC Position Papers may be written in cases a Working Group or CIMAC as a whole want to publish a statement regarding certain aspects, not necessarily on technical matters only. In case the position concerns not only the WG but the complete industry, any statement has to be approved by the CIMAC Council, while also the other WGs shall be informed and asked for comments. 

III. Recommendations

CIMAC Recommendations are the most formal CIMAC publications, aiming at the description typically of a technical matter, giving background information and recommending how to deal with this matter. It can be taken as a kind of industry standard, and might be taken as the basis for later co-operation with other organisations in the standardisation area. Thus, it is important that within the course of the procedure of preparing the CIMAC Recommendation the actual market situation is duly reflected, and that it does not only rely on the input of individual member companies. In advance of the publication, a final draft document is published in order to invite the public for their review and comments within an objection period of 2 months.

The CIMAC Recommendations have to be approved afterwards by the Council, before final publication.