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November 08

CIMAC Recommendation 29 | Guidelines for the Lubrication of Medium Speed Diesel Engines - 2nd updated version (2008) (supersedes CIMAC Recommendation No.13)

This document describes and gives insights into the lubrication of medium speed engines and current operating practices. Its objective is to contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of such machinery.

In 1994 CIMAC Working Group Lubricants published a document which provided guidelines on the lubrication of medium speed engines, as CIMAC Recommendation No. 13. This publication compiled insights into the lubrication of medium speed diesel engines as generated by the Group's members who represent users, engine and equipment manufacturers, institutions as well as additive and lubricant suppliers. In the meantime the Working Group felt that recent developments in the years since 1994 concerning the lubrication of medium speed diesel engines should also be incorporated. Work on this has been an ongoing task since then and it has resulted in these updated Guidelines, which will form the platform for a better understanding of its scope.

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