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The following CIMAC Recommendations have been prepared by the CIMAC Working Groups. CIMAC Recommendations are the most formal CIMAC publications prepared by the CIMAC Working Groups, aimed typically at the description of a technical matter, giving background information and providing recommendations as to how to deal with the topic. It can be taken as a kind of an industry standard and might be taken as the basis for later co-operation with other organisations in the standardisation area.

The recommendations can now be downloaded as pdf-files by clicking on the description of each entry below or via the 'Download' option on the left hand side or from the Technical Paper Database. The downloads are free of charge for all.

November 11

CIMAC Recommendation 30 | Used Engine Oil Analysis - User Interpretation Guide (2011)

Used oil analysis is an important part of engine maintenance. It provides information about the condition of the oil, its suitability for further use and to a certain extent information about the... read more

November 08

CIMAC Recommendation 29 | Guidelines for the Lubrication of Medium Speed Diesel Engines - 2nd updated version (2008) (supersedes CIMAC Recommendation No.13)

This document describes and gives insights into the lubrication of medium speed engines and current operating practices. Its objective is to contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of... read more

October 08

CIMAC Recommendation 28 | Guide to diesel engines exhaust emissions control of NOx, SOx, particulates, smoke and CO2 - seagoing ships and large stationary diesel power plants (2008)

This CIMAC ‘Guide to diesel exhaust emissions control of NOx, SOx, particulates, smoke and CO2 – seagoing ships and large stationary diesel power plants’ gives some background... read more

May 07

CIMAC Recommendation 27 | Turbocharging efficiencies - Definitions and guidelines for measurement and calculation (2007)

Turbocharger manufacturers use an efficiency definition derived from the thermodynamics of flow machines which aims to describe the behaviour of the turbocharger under controlled conditions and... read more

May 07

CIMAC Recommendation 26 | Guidelines for diesel engine lubrication - Impact of low sulphur fuel on lubrication of marine engines (2007)

Environmental legislation already in place has impacted the marine industry, and with new legislations on the horizon engine manufacturers and shipowners are evaluating a number of options to... read more

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