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The following CIMAC Recommendations have been prepared by the CIMAC Working Groups. CIMAC Recommendations are the most formal CIMAC publications prepared by the CIMAC Working Groups, aimed typically at the description of a technical matter, giving background information and providing recommendations as to how to deal with the topic. It can be taken as a kind of an industry standard and might be taken as the basis for later co-operation with other organisations in the standardisation area.

The recommendations can now be downloaded as pdf-files by clicking on the description of each entry below or via the 'Download' option on the left hand side or from the Technical Paper Database. The downloads are free of charge for all.

May 06

CIMAC Recommendation 25 | Recommendations concerning the design of heavy fuel treatment plants for diesel engines (2006) (supersedes CIMAC Recommendation No. 9)

The purpose of this document is to provide designers, shipbuilders and operators with best practice guidelines for the design of fuel systems for commercial ships burning fuels that comply with... read more

September 05

CIMAC Recommendation 24 | Treatment of the System Oil in Medium Speed and Crosshead Diesel Engine Installations (2005)

This document describes the system to treat the system lubricant of medium speed and crosshead diesel engines. It explains why treatment is necessary and what the consequences are of inadequate... read more

January 05

CIMAC Recommendation 23 | Standards and methods for sampling and analysing emission components in non-automotive diesel and gas engine exhaust gases - marine and land based power plant sources (2005)

Exhaust emissions from diesel and gas non-automotive reciprocating engines are currently being measured with a number of different measurement methods for each exhaust component. Many of these... read more

April 04

CIMAC Recommendation 22 | Guidelines for Diesel Engines Lubrication - Oil Degradation (2004)

This document brings together insights into mechanisms and phenomena of oil degradation resulting from stress of the lubricant in large 4-stroke (medium speed and high speed) and 2-stroke diesel... read more

June 03

CIMAC Recommendation 21 | Recommendations regarding Fuel Quality for Diesel Engines (2003)

This fourth edition of Fuel Recommendations cancels and replaces the third edition of CIMAC Recommendations Regarding Fuel Requirements for Diesel Engines No. 11 dated 1990, which has been... read more

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