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The following CIMAC Recommendations have been prepared by the CIMAC Working Groups. CIMAC Recommendations are the most formal CIMAC publications prepared by the CIMAC Working Groups, aimed typically at the description of a technical matter, giving background information and providing recommendations as to how to deal with the topic. It can be taken as a kind of an industry standard and might be taken as the basis for later co-operation with other organisations in the standardisation area.

The recommendations can now be downloaded as pdf-files by clicking on the description of each entry below or via the 'Download' option on the left hand side or from the Technical Paper Database. The downloads are free of charge for all.

January 02

CIMAC Recommendation 20 | Guidelines for diesel engines lubrication - Lubrication of large high speed diesel engines (2001)

These guidelines are intended as a summary of the main lubrication features of large, high speed trunk piston diesel engines operating on distillate fuels and are different from those described for... read more

August 00

CIMAC Recommendation 19 | Recommendations for the Lubrication of Gas Engines (2000)

This document brings together insights into and current practices for the lubrication of gas engines, excluding rotary and automotive types. Its objective is to contribute to the efficient and... read more

January 00

CIMAC Recommendation 18 | Guidelines for diesel engines lubrication - Impact of Fuel on Lubrication (2000)

This document addresses the impact of fuel on lubrication of large diesel engines, both 2-stroke crosshead and 4-stroke trunk piston type and identifies major areas of concern for which some... read more

May 99

CIMAC Recommendation 17 | Guidelines for Diesel Engines Lubrication - Oil Consumption of Medium Speed Diesel Engines (1999)

This document addresses oil consumption defined as the combined amounts of oil make-up and system charge renewal that are required: (i) To keep the engine operating satisfactorily and: (ii) To... read more

January 99

CIMAC Recommendation 16 | Guidelines for Operation and / or Maintenance Contracts (1999)

The following Guidelines have been drawn up by a cross-section of organisations involved in both the tendering and running of O&M contracts. The intention has been to use this experience of... read more

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