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September 05

CIMAC WG02 | Proposal IACS Attendance TAT

Subject: Attendance at Type Approval Tests (TAT)

Background: Within the last years quite some experience was gained during Type Approval Tests. We have realized that Class surveyors well attended the TAT but nearly without any contribution to the process. Various reasons could be sorted out such as no information about the engine or the system, lack of interest etc. It is always hard to see how costs are accumulating for nothing. It has to be realized that there is no or at least not much time to explain a system or the engine functions during a TAT. We feel that the announcement of a forthcoming TAT and the invitation to the TAT one month ahead should give time enough that those persons attending a TAT are more or less well informed about the object and what they should witness.

Proposal: We recommend IACS MP to nominate a limited number of permanent or ad hoc selected Class representatives to participate in Type Approval Tests and witnessing on behalf of all IACS members. The engine builder or designer has to forward a TAT program for approval to all the Classes who subsequently will receive the TAT Report and will be asked to issue a Type Approval Certificate.

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