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September 05

CIMAC WG02 | Proposal IACS EIAPP Certificates

Subject: Delivery of EIAPP Certificates


Since that moment when the new IMO regulations regarding NOx came into force claims from engine builders increased. The engine builders claimed that it takes too long time until they receive the EIAPP Certificate which is one of those documents which has to be delivered with the engine.

It even led to situations where owners or shipyards refained from releasing any payments until the subject certificate was at their hands.

It has to be mentioned that all details which are integral part of an EIAPP Certificate are well known in advance, i.e. NOx relevant components, settings, Technical File etc. and thus all necessary documents can be prepared just before a factory acceptance test (FAT).


IACS Machinery Panel will force all member Classes which are acting as “recognized bodies” for Flag States to prepare all necessary documents, relevant for the acceptance of an engine, before or the latest during FAT and to hand over, besides all the other Certificates as e.g. the Works Certificate, as well the EIAPP Certificate immediately after the FAT.

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