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September 05

CIMAC WG02 | Proposal IACS Implementation UR

Subject: Implementation of new or revised UR


On the occasion of the last CIMAC WG2 meeting at Vaasa in April 2005 we ocassionally learned that some UR have been revised and published (M9/M10). The very same concerns newly established URs (M66/M67/M68). Nobody from CIMAC side was informed about that but the present Class representatives only.

We are deeply disappointed about this, mainly with regard to the fact that CIMAC WG2 was basically responsible that the revision of M9 and M10 was induced and has finally been realized (more than seven years after the first efforts). And consequently M66 has additionally been implemented. As well with regard to M68 CIMAC WG2 was involved many times in the revision work for the outdated former M33/M37/M38/M39 and M48.


In cases where CIMAC WG2 or other Comac Groups were involved regarding the revision of existing URs or the implementation of new URs we strongly recommend IACS MP to provide CIMAC WG2 well in advance with the final version of a new or changed requirement as well as when such changes are getting part of the existing UR. In all other cases CIMAC WG2 shall be informed about the publication.

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