The International Council on Combustion Engines
July 13

CIMAC WG07 | Guideline for Ship Owners and Operators on managing Distillate fuels

In the current absence of an officially accepted specification for marine fuel containing more than 0.1% v/v biodiesel, this CIMAC publication provides background information and guidance to petroleum fuel distributers, ship operators and on-board personnel on the best approach to handling and precautions that need to be taken in the use of marine diesel fuels that may end up containing up to 7.0% v/v biodiesel if and when received. This guide is based on the assumption that the distillate fuels are being stored in the ship’s designated distillate storage tanks, often termed as the MDO and or MGO tanks. The pressure on ships to carry more distillates to remain compliant to tighter environmental legislation, may result in ships switching their currently assigned low sulphur fuel oil tanks to storing distillate fuels, which may not be so suited to the more stringent housekeeping procedures addressed in this document.

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