The International Council on Combustion Engines
December 13

CIMAC WG17 | Information Concerning the Application of Gas Engines in the Marine Industry

Over the last few years gas-fuelled engines have become more popular also in the marine industry both for on-board power generation and propulsion duties. Whereas the use of gas-fuelled marine engines was originally limited to the gas-shipping trade (LNG tankers) they are now being applied in other ship types as well, mainly because of easier compliance with the stricter emission limits of NOx and SOx now being introduced all over the world. However gas fuels (LNG) holds further emission advantages (smoke, particulates), it is now becoming more available and at reduced prices. Therefore, the CIMAC Working Group “Gas engines” has prepared this information document about various aspects with gas fuelling of marine engines as this stands to-day, and at the same time pointing out that this technology is still in steady development.

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