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July 16

28th CIMAC World Congress in Helsinki

Delegates to the 28th CIMAC World Congress are looking back on a well-organised, highly informative event that, according to an overwhelming body of feedback, was everything a CIMAC Congress should... read more

June 16

CIMAC World Congress – 35 years before and 35 years going forward!

Today marks the beginning of the 28th CIMAC World Congress – the biggest triennial event in the large internal combustion engines industry. Over the next five days (June 6-10, 2016) the... read more

May 16

CIMAC World Congress to discuss the lowest oil prices in a decade.

The 28th CIMAC World Congress is one of the most important international events in the field of Large Diesel and Gas Engines and will take place from 6 - 10 June 2016 in Helsinki, Finland.... read more

March 16

CIMAC announces its new Board to be unveiled at the CIMAC World Congress

It is our pleasure to announce the new CIMAC Board to come into force at the completion of the CIMAC World Congress in Helsinki in June 2016 for the customary three-year tenure (2016-2019).The new... read more

February 16

CIMAC World Congress – Bridging the Developers-Users Gap!

The CIMAC World Congress in the field of Large Diesel and Gas Engines is one of the biggest events of its kind worldwide and this year the comprehensive programme is bigger than ever before. To... read more

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