June 21

Every 3 years, the large engine industry meets during the CIMAC World Congress. In one year from now, it will be Congress time again. The Call for Papers has now been announced. All interested stakeholders are invited to submit their proposals to the Congress Technical Program. 

The Congress is a unique opportunity to keep up to date with what is happening in the internal combustion engine industry. This is where experts from all over the world meet, gather information, discuss with each other, look for solutions and define standards.

In fact, next year in Busan, the Congress will already be held for the 30th time. An impressive success story, especially when looking at the number of participants: More than 800 participants, exhibitors, and speakers from all parts of the world came to Vancouver in 2019.

From 13 to 17 June 2022, Busan, will host them all: Engine manufacturers, component suppliers, universities & research institutes, oil companies, shipping companies, powerplant operators, classification societies, railway and locomotive companies, legislators, they all will be there. “There is simply no better place to learn about the latest developments in the large engine industry than at the CIMAC Congress. This is not only my opinion, but obviously also the opinion of the numerous experts who travel to the Congress every time”, says Christoph Rofka (ABB Turbo Systems), CIMAC Vice President Communication. “When CIMAC was founded in 1951, the target was to establish an international organization to discuss and promote technical and scientific knowledge in the large engine technology sector. That has perfectly been achieved, I would say”, Rofka adds. He emphasizes the collaborative approach that CIMAC takes. “Luckily, collaboration is in the genes of our association. When it comes to most demanding global challenges like the reduction of GHG, I am convinced, this is the only approach that will be successful.” 

In fact, the overarching theme of climate protection will play a prominent role at next year’s Congress. This is also reflected by the CIMAC Congress Technical Program, where technical, environmental, and regulatory trends, developments, opportunities, and challenges are discussed. It is the core of the event, and the ‘Call for Papers’ and proposals for the technical program reveal in which direction discussions evolve.

This time, the program will have 4 big headlines: “Intelligent Power Systems”, “Towards Zero Emissions”, “Proven Technologies” and “Fundamental Research”. “It is hardly possible to summarize in short words the entire wealth of the program, which runs over a total of five days. All in all, the Congress will address practically all problems and challenges relating to the large engine industry. It is just as much about major solutions and new developments as it is about constant optimization and persistent detailed improvements with ideas that, taken together, can lead to major changes”, Rofka explains. The Call for Papers is now available on the CIMAC Congress website - https://www.cimaccongress.com/call-for-papers/index.html