March 16

It is our pleasure to announce the new CIMAC Board to come into force at the completion of the CIMAC World Congress in Helsinki in June 2016 for the customary three-year tenure (2016-2019).The new CIMAC Board will have Klaus Heim, Chief Technology Officer of OMT S.p.A as the new CIMAC President. Ilari Kallio, Vice President Research & Development, Wärtsilä is also new to the CIMAC Board where he will be taking up the role of Vice President Technical Programme along with Marko Dekena, Executive Vice President, AVL, who will continue in his role also as Vice President Technical Programme. Jin Donghan, President of Shanghai University will be the new Vice President for the Working Groups along with Christian Poensgen, Senior Vice President Engineering, MAN Diesel who shall continue also in the capacity Vice President Working Groups. Paolo Tonon, Vice President, Head of Maersk Maritime Technology will be the new Vice President Users and Axel Kettmann, Senior Vice President, ABB Turbocharging will continue in his role as the Vice President for Communications. Yasuyuki Takahata, Chief Manager of Development Department at Yanmar Co. Ltd., will take office as the new Vice President Global Integration and Christoph Teetz, Head of Research & Development, Rolls-Royce Power Systems will continue in the Board as the Past President. Peter Müller-Baum, Managing Director, VDMA Engines and Systems will remain as the Secretary General of CIMAC for the term 2016-19 and last but not the least, as the CIMAC World Congress shifts to Vancouver for 2019, the new Congress President will be Timothy Callahan, Development Engineer, from the Southwest Research Institute, United States.

As in the previous years, the new Board will embark on a new endeavor with a clear vision of what they wish to achieve before the next Congress. CIMAC is driven by new challenges faced by the industry, the scope of which usually spans a wide technical spectrum. With a vast technical expertise and plentiful years of experience behind their belts, we are convinced that the members of the new Board will rise to each and every challenge that exists today and shall come up in the future and also make way for interesting and thought provoking discussions in the working groups and the events that are planned for the term to drive the association forward and to new heights.

We wish the new CIMAC Board the very best for their tenure.

CIMAC World Congress - Technical Session focussing on 'System Integration'

One of the most compelling topics that will be discoursed during the CIMAC World Congress is the area of ‘System Integration’ where all the relevant stakeholders including engine developers, component suppliers, research organizations, system integrators, classification societies and the engine users have to come together with an aim of optimization of the overall efficiency and performance of ships and other large engine applications.

Integration of propulsion system from the point of view of efficiency optimization, operating cost optimized engine and aftertreatment concepts for marine applications, wast heat recovery solution for marine applications, energy saving technologies and new analysis methods in cargo ship machinery design are just a few of the topics that will be presented by leading experts and developers from the industry and we are sure to stir up some engaging views and discussions during the sessions.

To this effect, CIMAC will also have a workshop at AVL in Graz, Austria on Thursday, April 21 organized by the 'CIMAC System Integration Working Group 20' to define and address development and promulgation of multi-source energy system design optimizations for ships and land based power plants.

Catch all this and more at the CIMAC World Congress 2016 at Helsinki from June 6-10.


Originally founded in Paris in 1951, CIMAC is the leading global association of the internal combustion machinery industry. It is a non-profit association bringing together and representing the large engines industry to regulators and standardizing bodies. In addition to promoting the work of National Member Associations, CIMAC supports and facilitates information exchange and understanding across the global community involved in the development and sustenance of large engines.

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