November 20

CIMAC, the global association of the Internal Combustion Engines Industry, believes the draft amendments to MARPOL Annex VI approved at the MEPC 75 session are lacking ambition and long-term perspective. IMO, as the international UN-body to govern international shipping, does not seem fast enough to outpace other regional climate regulations, like the EU-ETS to include shipping in their scheme. Unfortunately, other areas might follow, and an even more fragmented landscape for shipping cannot be the right solution for the sector. Additionally, since innovation cycles in shipping are extremely long, regulations must provide security for the planning of investments – IMO’s plans fail to do so.

The IMO decision is “conservative“ says Dirk Bergmann, the new Chairman of CIMAC’s Strategy Group Greenhouse Gas (GHG). “Hence, this is not a major step forward in terms of how maritime shipping may contribute to the fight against climate change. Climate protection needs more ambition”, he continues.

The initial IMO GHG Strategy, adopted in 2018, sets the target to halve GHG emission from ships by 2050, compared to 2008. CIMAC had hoped that the MEPC 75 meeting would formulate concrete, mandatory steps, and take a long-term perspective. The association had beforehand submitted a specific paper to the MEPC 75 meeting. (For more information on the CIMAC position check

“The maritime industry needs to be part of the solution”, explains Christoph Rofka, CIMAC Vice President Communication. “We should also be considering that not only countries in the EU, but also China and many others have set sail to climate neutrality. They will hardly accept that maritime shipping keeps lacking behind.”

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