September 19

The Getting to Zero Coalition is a partnership which supports the transition to a decarbonized maritime sector and aims to reach the goals of the IMO’s Initial GHG Strategy. It is a partnership between the Global Maritime Forum, Friends of Ocean Action, and the World Economic Forum which brings together leading stakeholders from across the shipping sector and related value chains.

The Getting to Zero Coalition is committed to make the entrance of commercially viable Zero Emission Vessels (ZEVs) into the market by 2030 possible. A roadmap will outline the steps and actions needed. The initiative intends to create an enabling environment, to de-risk leadership in climate change mitigation in shipping, and to catalyze partnerships through the platform.

“CIMAC supports the initiative in tackling the problem of climate change and its ambition to reach the 2050 targets set out by the IMO. The Getting to Zero Coalition can foster the urgent change we need. The scale and complexity of the task ahead requires a broad and committed coalition like this”, says Paolo Tonon, CIMAC Vice-President Communication.

CIMAC encourages a technology-neutral approach to decarbonize deep-sea shipping. “There is a need to gather maritime stakeholders to work together on solutions to reduce greenhouse gases from shipping, especially through the development of alternative and carbon-neutral fuels”, says Peter Müller-Baum, CIMAC Secretary General. Questions concerning production, distribution, storage and bunkering of these fuels evolve around the development of ZEVs. Market drivers and policies need to be explored that can enable the transition. By joining the initiative, CIMAC can contribute to shaping the future of the industry.

More Information about the Getting to Zero Coalition

Please find more information on the Getting to Zero Coalition in the Ambition Statement that is attached to this release.