February 16

The CIMAC World Congress in the field of Large Diesel and Gas Engines is one of the biggest events of its kind worldwide and this year the comprehensive programme is bigger than ever before. To provide a glimpse of the event, the article will feature the industry’s first ever ‘Users Day’ and the user focus along with one of the important topics being discussed at the event - ‘Product Development – Diesel, Gas & Duel Fuel Engines’. Apart from these, the Congress will encompass all technological aspects of the large engines industry with participants from across the globe, with state-of-the-art information on engine technology and engine applications by specialists working in relevant fields.

User focus with the ‘Users Day’

In a first of its kind, the Congress will hold a stage for the Users to present, discuss and deliberate on brewing issues related to user experiences in the industry. “The Users Day is a new concept we’re introducing at the Congress this time to bring the often differing engine users and engine developers together under one roof and discuss development, solutions and a future of co-operation and sustenance. It would be interesting to see the outcome.” says Paolo Tonon, Head of Maersk Maritime Technology, Vice President Technical Programme of the CIMAC Board.

The ideal platform will be immensely helpful to ship-owners, power station and rail operators and relevant customers to meet engine manufacturers, engineers, researchers and scientists in the field to fill in the missing gaps that translate from the creators to the end-users. It will also be a great chance for the engine developers to hear the other side of the story from the Users. To this effect there are four technical sessions scheduled, focusing on presentations from the Marine and Land-based applications that covers ‘Users’ Aspects, Maintenance & Monitoring’ dwelling deeply into technical solutions from the users’ side.

The Users Day will also feature the ‘Collin Trust sponsored Keynote Speech’ at the CIMAC Congress 2016 by Harry Robertsson, Technical Director at Stena Rederi AB, that will be centered around sustainable and realistic solutions for future shipping from the ship-owner’s perspective. Last but not the least, the ‘Users Reception’ will culminate the collaborative efforts of all the participants involved at the end of the day for an effervescent evening with food and drink and will hope to lighten the mood for a very relaxed networking time for everyone concerned.

Product Development – Diesel, Gas & Dual Fuel Engines

Breaking the fuel economy barriers and stretching the efficiency limits to uncharted territories with ground-breaking technologies and newer improvements to existing engine technologies – that’s what product development in this field is all about, not to mention keeping an eye on the overall costs involved.

The Congress will kick off with a highly anticipated technical session involving ‘High Speed Engines’ with product development at the core focal point. The product development sphere will also encompass various other topics related to medium and low speed diesel, gas and dual fuel engines with high-quality technical sessions involving some of the most prominent developers from the industry. Some of the notable topics include new high-speed and medium speed engine concepts, improved power generation efficiency and heat recovery concepts, methanol operated engine concepts, the 2-stroke dual-fuel technology and dual-fuel engines optimized for marine applications and many more thought provoking presentations to be delivered by some of the finest engineers and researchers from around the globe.

Be there and make the most of your time in Helsinki!


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