Who we are

CIMAC represents the large engine technology sector. This includes diesel and gas engines and gas turbines which are used for power generation, marine propulsion and locomotives. Our stakeholders include manufacturers, researchers, suppliers and end-users. 

Our Mission

To add value to our members’ businesses and to society by:

  • Enabling exchange on technological trends and developments among our members, with their users, associated industries along the value chain.
  • Developing and promoting globally harmonized standards and regulations that foster a competitive, safe and sustainable industry.
  • Striving for zero environmental impact of power solutions utilizing large engine technology.
  • Facilitating safe and efficient operation, leveraging digitalization, automation and system integration.
  • Promoting open markets to foster the spread and scalability of innovative large engine technology solutions.

Our Values

  • Diverse and Global: The diversity of perspectives that our global membership brings to our organization is essential fuel for our capacity to innovate.
  • Ethical and reliable: We are dedicated to serving our members. We do so transparently, in full compliance with antitrust rules.
  • Respectful and people-oriented: We approach all our stakeholders respectfully in a spirit of mutuality of benefit.
  • Sustainable and long-term oriented: We recognize the urgency of taking action on Climate Change in line with the Paris Agreement. We strive for zero environmental impact through innovation in large engine solutions and cooperation across the value chain.