CIMAC Tech-Talks

Introducing "CIMAC Tech-Talks", a new format for live discussions offering fresh insight into new and important topics pertaining to the industry today.

The Tech-Talks will be a series of discussion sessions on different topics/themes, whereby the sessions will be live events with an audience (web-based or face-to-face) comprising an expert guest panel with a host/moderator to oversee the discussion. Each discussion session of the CIMAC Tech-Talks will last for 60 - 90 minutes, with a main theme/topic and sub-themes/topics to be specified beforehand, that will be reflected upon in the session. Each Tech-Talks session will close with a short audience interaction Q&A session.

The sessions will be chaired by and composed of distinguished experts from the industry, where we will have 3 - 4 expert guests on the panel ready to take on the informal route of discussing and deliberating on complex topics and ideas, breaking them down for a common understanding on the topics that will be relevant for the industry as a whole going forward. This would be a great opportunity for associated stakeholders working in the industry to interact with experts from the respective fields. 

The CIMAC Tech-Talks are open to everyone interested/associated with the topic/theme (with discussion and content addressing the industry, as well as different stakeholders based on the topic/theme). The CIMAC Tech-Talks are free to attend to all interested participants.

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