CIMAC Tech-Talks

Introducing "CIMAC Tech-Talks", a new format for live discussions offering fresh insight into new and important topics pertaining to the industry today.

The Tech-Talks will be held as live discussion sessions with an audience (web-based or face-to-face) on different topics, comprising an expert guest panel with a host/moderator. Each discussion session of the CIMAC Tech-Talks will last for 60-90 minutes, and will close with an audience interaction Q&A session. 

The sessions will be chaired by and composed of distinguished experts from the industry, with an expert panel taking on the informal route of discussing and deliberating on complex topics and ideas, breaking them down for a common understanding relevant to the industry as a whole going forward. 

The CIMAC Tech-Talks are open to everyone interested in the topics and is free to attend to all interested participants. 

CIMAC Tech-Talks Special: Engine Components
This will be the last edition of our Tech Talk Special. On October 11th at 2 p.m. CET, we will look at engine components. We will have these presentations: Jens Olaf Stein, Robert Bosch: Fuel .. more
CIMAC Tech-Talks special: Fuels & Lubricants
Covid-19 had unfortunately made it impossible for the 22nd CIMAC congress to take place in 2022 as scheduled. As you know, it has been postponed to 2023. To shorten the waiting time and since we .. more
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