Previous Circles

CIMAC Circle at Marintec 2023
During Marintec China 2023 in Shanghai, a CIMAC Circle took place. The topic was “Transformation of the internal combustion engine industry”. Dominik Schneiter, Chair Digitalisation .. more
CIMAC Circle System Integration 2.0
On June 21, the CIMAC Circle in Amsterdam looked at future challenges in system integration. Elias Boletis (Enarete Marine) gave an initial presentation and introduced the topic of system .. more
CIMAC Circle at SMM 2022
The next chance to attend a CIMAC Circle is during SMM 2022. The Circle will focus on the topic “Ship as a data eco system". It will take place on Thursday, September 8th, 2 to 4pm, in room .. more
CIMAC Circle @ SMM 2021, Digital
The CIMAC Circle at SMM 2021 Digital discussing the topic that the entire industry is challenged with - the onset of “Digitalization in the Maritime Industry and its impacts on environment, .. more
CIMAC Circle @ Electric
CIMAC, in its continued endeavour to further the development of the large engines industry, held a first CIMAC Circle at Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Virtual Live 2021 on January 19, .. more
CIMAC Circle @ Marintec, Shanghai 2019
We are pleased to report of a very successful CIMAC CIMAC Circle at Marintec, Shanghai, China on Thursday, December 5, 2019. The theme of the event was the 'Global 0.5% Sulphur Cap .. more
CIMAC Circle @ PowerGen Europe 2019
In cooperation with EUGINE, the CIMAC Circle at PowerGen Europe 2019 has been confirmed for November 13, 2019 in Paris, France. The theme of the CIMAC Circle will be "Gas Engines Systems: .. more
CIMAC Circle at Marintec Shanghai 2017
Once more, the CIMAC Circle took place at Marintec in Shanghai, on December 7, 2017. The topic of the traditional panel discussion, chaired by Allan-QingZhou Wang, President of ABB Jiangjin Turbo .. more
CIMAC Circle at INMEX India 2017 - Report
- by CIMAC and NMA India In a first of its kind initiative, on October 4, 2017, NMA India in collaboration with Central CIMAC Secretariat (Germany) successfully organized a First CIMAC India .. more
CIMAC Circle at Power-Gen 2017
The European Engine Power Plants Forum 2017 by CIMAC and EUGINE CIMAC, in its continued endeavor to further the large engines development, held its traditional CIMAC Circle at Power-Gen Europe on .. more
CIMAC Circle at NorShipping 2017
In a first initiative of its kind, a CIMAC Circle was held at Nor-Shipping 2017 with the theme “Green Shipping – What is it all About?” with specialists from the Engine industry .. more
CIMAC Circle at SMM 2016
Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 (14:00-16:00 hrs) Environmental compliance strategies under the light of changes in the oil market Under the title, “Environmental compliance strategies under the .. more
CIMAC Circle at Power-Gen Europe 2016 in Milan
Why reciprocating gas engines for the European Power Industry? Tuesday June 21, 2016 - 11:45 h - 13:00 h The panel discussion was chaired by Axel Kettmann, ABB Turbo Systems, CIMAC Vice-President .. more
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