Who we are 

CIMAC WG 4 meetings are attended by about thirty members from fourteen countries, including representatives of engine manufacturers, component suppliers, engineering companies and classification societies.

What we do 

Our aim is to facilitate and propose updates of classification rules for design of crankshafts aligned with state-of-the-art methodologies.

Our current projects and activities

  • Reply to IACS MP feedback related to app. IV, V and VI (to be included in the M53). 
  • M53 appendix VII: “The Effect of Nonmetallic Inclusions on Fatigue Strength” is ongoing.
  • Incorporate NK Class project findings upon availability.
    - Review the positioning of superclean steel in DNVGL rules. 
    - Collate information regarding the interactions between cleanliness, measurements and fatigue strength.
  • CIMAC Recommendation: “Usage of Multibody Dynamics for Load and Stress Determination of Engine Crankshafts” is ongoing.
  • CIMAC Recommendation: “Multiaxial Durability Assessment for Infinite Life Design of Engine Crankshafts”.
  • CIMAC Position Paper: “Large Engine Crankshaft modeling with MBS benchmark”. This paper is in planning.

Latest publications

  • CIMAC Congress 2010 Paper No. 107: Comparison of Crankshaft Calculation Methods with reference to classification societies’ requirements.

  • IACS UR M53 Appendix III: “Guidance for calculation of Stress Concentration Factors in the Web Fillet Radii of Crankshafts by Utilizing Finite Element Method.

Meeting activities

Two meetings a year hosted in turn by members.