CIMAC was founded in May 1950, the first CIMAC Congress took place in 1951. The name originates from the French “Conseil International des Machines à Combustion” which means “International Council on Combustion Engines”. CIMAC was originally organized as an industry event to discuss new ideas and developments within the engine and components industry together with institutes and universities. The central platform for exchange is still the CIMAC Congress. It takes place every 3 years on different continents and at different locations. 

Download the CIMAC History Book 'The first 50 years' (1951 - 2001)

On the occasion of the 27th CIMAC World Congress in Shanghai in May 2013, a 2-stroke Diesel Engine History Booklet has been published, written by Jørn Dragsted. The booklet is available for download here.

CIMAC has recently changed its name slightly. The well-known word mark CIMAC, which has been used from the outset, has been retained, but the subsequent explanation “International Council on Combustion Engines” has been dropped. The reason is easy to understand: Although combustion engines are still the core element, in the younger past they have increasingly developed into integral parts of functional systems. CIMAC has taken this into account and widened the scope. Accordingly, CIMAC is the leading global non-profit association promoting the development of ship propulsion, train drive and power generation. The association consists of National Member Associations and Corporate Members in America, Asia and Europe. CIMAC provides a forum for technical interchange with all parties interested in piston engines, gas turbine systems, non-shaftline propulsion systems, automation and controls, system integration and digitalization solutions. Find the CIMAC image video here

List of the CIMAC Presidents since 1951:

No. Name Country From Until
24 Rick Boom Netherlands June 2023 present
23 Donghan Jin China June 2019 June 2023
22 Klaus Heim Italy June 2016 June 2019
21 Christoph Teetz Germany May 2013 June 2016
20 Yasuhiro Itoh Japan May 2010 May 2013
19 Karl Wojik Austria May 2007 May 2010
18 Matti E. Kleimola Finland May 2004 May 2007
17 Nikolaos P. Kyrtatos Greece May 2001 May 2004
16 Stephen G. Dexter Austria May 1998 May 2001
15 Peter S. Pedersen Denmark Nov 1995 May 1998
14 Georg Lustgarten Switzerland Nov 1993 Nov 1995
13 Helmut W.K. Maghon Germany Nov 1991 Nov 1993
12 Hans H. Wesselo The Netherlands Nov 1989 Nov 1991
11 Meinrad K. Eberle Switzerland Nov 1987 Nov 1989
10 Masutaro Shibata Japan Nov 1985 Nov 1987
9 Cecil C.J. French Great Britain Nov 1983 Nov 1985
8 Lars Th. Collin Sweden Nov 1981 Nov 1983
7 Alberto Guglielmotti Italy Nov 1977 Nov 1981
6 Waheeb Rizk Great Britain Oct 1973 Nov 1977
5 Siegfried Meurer Germany Oct 1969 Oct 1973
4 Max Zwicky Switzerland Dec 1964 Oct 1969
3 Roberto de Pieri Italy Oct 1961 Aug 1964
2 Haakon Andresen Denmark Jun 1957 Oct 1961
1 Paul C. Tharlet France May 1951 Jun 1957