Testimonial campaign is starting
With five months to go until the CIMAC Congress begins, we have started our small campaign with testimonials from members of the Board and heads of the CIMAC Working and Strategy Groups. They .. more
CIMAC meeting week 2022
Traditionally, in the years without CIMAC congress, the CIMAC meeting week takes place. This also happened in 2022 since the CIMAC congress had to be postponed to 2023. The meeting week from 1st to .. more
CIMAC Tech-Talks Special: Engine Components
This will be the last edition of our Tech Talk Special. On October 11th at 2 p.m. CET, we will look at engine components. We will have these presentations: Jens Olaf Stein, Robert Bosch: Fuel .. more
CIMAC with a new EU Membership
CIMAC has been officially accepted as a member to the Renewable and Low-Carbon Fuels Value Chain Industrial Alliance. The Alliance is a new initiative that focuses on boosting production .. more
CIMAC Tech-Talks special: Fuels & Lubricants
Covid-19 had unfortunately made it impossible for the 22nd CIMAC congress to take place in 2022 as scheduled. As you know, it has been postponed to 2023. To shorten the waiting time and since we .. more
First CIMAC Tech-Talk of 2022 on eFuels
The second CIMAC Tech-Talk by CIMAC GHG Strategy Group titled 'eFuels - Turning the Tide for a Sustainable Maritime Industry' with distinguished experts from the industry was .. more
CIMAC - Presenting our new Image Video
CIMAC is pleased to present our new Image Video, which encompasses our vision and our main objectives for the industry including environmental protection, sustainability, and climate .. more
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