Who we are

  • Working Group 15 on Controls & Automation is a Working Group with 23 members. People from engine OEMs, engineering firms, classification societies and engine OEM suppliers attend our meetings. Our members are highly motivated and active contributors to the Working Group output. The main driving motivation for our members is that the time spent on the Working Group activities must add value to their daily job and responsibilities. This objective is achieved in two ways, formally through Working Group proposals and informally through the good social network within the Working Group. The exchange of information on new upcoming rules and understanding the associated challenges are important for the Working Group 15 members.
  • The objective of the WG is to cover the reliability and safety of (a) on engine electronic components and (b) engine automation systems (both on- and off-engine). It is intended to supervise / assist the implementation of the new technologies by cooperating marine classification societies.

What we do

Working Group 15 (WG15) deals with the reliability and safety of engine automation systems in general. The main recurring topic is the implementation of new technologies. New technology introduction does sometimes create a friction with existing rules. It is the objective of the Working Group 15 to advise and formulate solutions to enable new technology to be used in a cost effective, safe and reliable way.

Our current projects and activities

  • Within CIMAC, WG15 takes care of activities related to Digitalization and Cyber Securtiy. WG15 is in contact with the new IACS Cyber Panel and participates in the Cyber Panel JWG (Joint Working Group). 
    CIMAC WG15 deals mainly with the classification societies, represented in the IACS Machinery Panel. The formal communication between IACS and CIMAC is via Working Group Classification (WG2).
  • WG 15 provided and presented a working document to the IACS Machinery Panel around the failure mode effect analysis tool (FMEA). All engine OEMs, control system suppliers and classification societies use their own FMEA tools. This is driving a considerable amount of duplication and adds limited to no value. It is the objective of WG 15 to provide guidance and industry input on IACS machinery for their review on the unified requirements around the FMEA topic. 
  • WG15 also co-operates closely with CIMAC WG20 System Integration on related topics.  

Latest publications

The activities of WG 15 focus on the interaction with the CIMAC WG 2 and IACS machinery panel. The Working Group is not publishing general CIMAC publications, but providing written input for the IACS Machinery Panel.

Meeting activities

Meetings are held about twice per year and hosted in turn by the companies of the different members. Work sessions are sometimes organized when needed.