CIMAC Working Group 4 (WG4 - Crankshaft Rules) is inviting all interested persons to participate in a “Multiaxial Fatigue Algorithm Challenge", or MFAC. The purpose of MFAC is to help CIMAC WG4 identify the multiaxial fatigue algorithms most suitable for the design assessment of engine crankshafts. 

This is a blind challenge whereby participants will be given the information to analyze a particular crankshaft design under the simple loads representing a fatigue test rig. Participants can use the algorithm(s) of their choice to predict the fatigue strength of the crankshaft under the loading conditions of the fatigue test rig. CIMAC WG4 will compile the predictions and provide anonymous summary results to all respondents.

Those who wish to participate can use the "Download" links to the right. The 'CIMAC WG4 - MFAC.pdf' document provides details of the crankshaft, the material, and the loading conditions of the test rig, along with instructions on how to respond to the challenge. The "3D Model" provides a 3D model (.stp file format) of the test crankshaft geometry. The "Meshed Model" links provide fully meshed FEA models in Abaqus and Ansys. The meshed model files are provided as zip folders, and participants are encouraged to make use of these models to promote consistency in mesh resolution. The “MFAC_Response.xlsx” file provides a blank form that may be used to conveniently submit responses.

Challenge participants are requested to submit their responses before June 30, 2021, by email to

Participants may direct their questions regarding the challenge to the Contact shown to the right.

For more information regarding the CIMAC Working Group 4 'Crankshaft Rules' please visit -

Thank you for your participation.
CIMAC Working Group 4 – Crankshaft Rules