CIMAC Congresses

Every three years CIMAC holds a major international Congress and exhibition in one of its member countries. This is a unique opportunity for us all to keep up to date with what is happening in our internal combustion engine industry and to discuss with other specialists those topics which interest us most. We can hold discussions with our customers and we meet our suppliers. We also see how our competitors present their products. Members are encouraged to attend at reduced fees.

CIMAC Circles

CIMAC members are also involved in our regular CIMAC Circles, held to coincide with a major exhibition in various countries involving engines. Panel members introduce topical issues and our members debate these during the discussion which follows. One CIMAC Circle per year is organised by CIMAC Central Secretariat. Members are encouraged to organise their own national CIMAC events – panels at major fairs, workshops or seminars – with CIMAC Central Secretariat contributing to the worldwide promotion of these events.


The CIMAC CASCADES event offers the opportunity for young engineers to meet with leading industry experts to exchange information and network together. The objective is to encourage and inspire students and recently graduated engineers to realise their goals in an engineering career. The core event will be nine short presentations by young engineers to describe their projects, how they tackled them, the difficulties they encountered and the outcome.

CIMAC Web-Seminars

The CIMAC Web-Seminars are a series of 45-minute technical presentation & discussion sessions conducted by distinguished experts addressing specific important topics affecting the industry today. The Web-Seminars are open to all interested stakeholders with the presentation content addressing Ship Owners / Operators and end-users.

CIMAC Tech-Talks

The CIMAC Tech-Talks will be held as live discussion sessions with an audience (web-based or face-to-face) on different topics, comprising an expert guest panel with a host/moderator. Each discussion session of the CIMAC Tech-Talks will last for 60-90 minutes, and will close with an audience interaction Q&A session. The sessions will be chaired by and composed of distinguished experts from the industry, with an expert panel taking on the informal route of discussing and deliberating on complex topics and ideas, breaking them down for a common understanding relevant to the industry as a whole going forward.