The CIMAC Circle at SMM 2021 Digital discussing the topic that the entire industry is challenged with - the onset of “Digitalization in the Maritime Industry and its impacts on environment, safety and business”. The Circle was held on Feb 3, 2021 at the SMM Digital 2021 eventThe CIMAC Circle is a technical panel discussion aimed at tackling an important topic affecting the industry today, by bringing together a panel of experts from the different stakeholders involved. 

The session began with a short introduction from the Chair Capt. Eero Lehtovaara from ABB Marine & Ports, followed by a Keynote from Bud Darr from the MSC Group representing the voice of the Ship Owners/Operators. The panel was completed by distinguished experts from the regulatory bodies and the industry as follows: 

  • Chair: Capt. Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory Affairs, ABB Marine & Ports 
  • Jacob Terling, Principal Administrator, European Commission, Maritime Safety Unit 
  • CDR. Nicholas J. Tabori, Division Chief, Office of Maritime & International Law, US Coast Guard
  • Erik I. Tvedt, Special Adviser, Technical Regulation, Danish Maritime Authority
  • Bud Darr, Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy & Government Affairs, MSC Group (Mediterranean Shipping Company SA)

After touching upon the definitions and subsequent impact of Digitalization with views from the different stakeholders, the panel dived deep into requirements on legislation forced by the development in digitalization and digital solutions, including the possibility of sliding into an unsafe state. One of the key questions was around the effective communication and mutual understanding between the legislators and the industry going forward and this was agreed to in unison by all the panellists. In closing, the panel discussed the mid and long-term future of shipping with the uptake of digital solutions, throwing light into some of the important guidance points from both the industry’s perspective as well as the regulatory bodies.  

A video link to the CIMAC Circle is also included on the right hand side. 


With over 2,200 exhibitors and about 50,000 visitors from all over the world, SMM continues to cement its position as the most important event in the maritime industry calendar. However, due to the global situation, SMM this time will be a virtual event, hence the name SMM Digital 2021.
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