CIMAC CASCADES take place to inspire young engineers for the large engine industry, power drives and propulsion. The seminars are organized by CIMAC and local National Member Associations and thus may take place at various places all over the world.

CIMAC CASCADES bring together young professionals, experts, and students. For companies and speakers, participation offers a platform for attracting talent from universities, sparking interest in the industry among students and refining presentation skills of young professionals. Companies can showcase their expertise and innovations, while speakers can inspire the next generation of engineers.

Students benefit from networking opportunities, gaining insights into the industry's significance, and experiencing exciting challenges related to sustainability and innovation. The CASCADES events are always a great opportunity to get in contact with companies. CIMAC CASCASDES cover a wide range of topics around power, drives and propulsion, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the industry's breadth and potential career paths. Overall, CIMAC CASCADES serve as catalysts for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange.

For the next CASCADES, CIMAC and its Chinese National Member Association CSICE are inviting on August 15, 2024 to Qingdao (more here), followed by a CASCADES to take place in Rostock/Germany in fall 2024. Find out more here

To learn more about the past events, click on previous CASCADES.