On June 21, the CIMAC Circle in Amsterdam looked at future challenges in system integration. Elias Boletis (Enarete Marine) gave an initial presentation and introduced the topic of system integration by presenting examples from other industries, such as Aerospace, where suppliers and even competitors cooperate to get to an integrated system (that eventually supports the goal of decarbonization).

During the vivid panel discussion moderated by Elias Boletis (Enarete Marine) with Peter Gommeringer (Rolls-Royce), Amodio Palma (Palma Engineering/WinGD), Thomas Winkler (Geislinger) and Amit Gupta (Kongsberg), it was highlighted that the integration of systems from different suppliers is one of the biggest challenges. Further, the topic of data sharing and IP protection was heavily discussed, partly even controversially. There should, that was one of the findings, be more communication and sharing of data among the players, even among potential competitors, the aim should be more standardization, especially in certification and for interfaces.