Covid-19 had unfortunately made it impossible for the 22nd CIMAC congress to take place in 2022 as scheduled. It has been postponed to 2023. To shorten the waiting time and since we felt that for some of the topics, issues and presentations, we must not wait until 2023, it was decided to have a small online event series. A "Tech-Talks special", so to speak, complementing the regular Tech-Talks. We started in June and had a total of nine online events. 80 people participated in average, a surprisingly high figure since the topics covered where certainly not for everyone,  the presentations were addressed to proven experts. These topics were covered:
  • Fuels & Lubricants
  • Digitalization, System Integration & Electrification & Controls
  • Controls & Automation
  • New Engine Developments 2 events
  • Emissions Reduction (2 events)
  • Engine Components (2 events)
Many thanks to all who presented, to all participants, and a special thanks to the presenters of the events. You can find recordings of the Tech-Talks specials under the respective headline of the corresponding event. The regular Tech-Talks will continue in due time.