CIMAC Tech-Talks event by CIMAC Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Strategy Group on 'Future Marine Fuels: A Look Into the Crystal Ball' with distinguished experts from the industry was held on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Host: Dirk Bergmann, Chair CIMAC GHG Strategy Group, CTO, ABB Turbocharging 

- Daniel Chatterjee, Director Technology Management & Regulatory Affairs, Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG 
- Dorte Kubel, Regulatory Affairs Manager, MAN Energy Solutions
- Peter Müller-Baum, Managing Director, VDMA Engines & Systems, Power-to-X for Applications, CIMAC Secretary General 

The event program included a discussion on published CIMAC GHG Strategy Group white papers and the future scenario of marine fuels looking at the different options that are available today with their pros and cons for future use. 

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, host Dirk Bergmann was not able to join, and the discussion was moderated by Peter Müller-Baum, who was stated to be one of the panellists.  

The video recording of the event is updated here on the right hand side. 
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