The next Tech Talk Special will take place on Steptember 13th at 2 p.m. CET. The thematic focus will be "Emission Reduction (2)". The following presentations will be held:

Ramin Mehrabian, LEC GmbH, Optimized integration of a SCR-based aftertreatment system into a multicylinder, large diesel engine

Uwe EtzienUniversity of Rostock, Investigations on combined scrubbing & particle filtration technologies for maritime applications

Kati Lehtoranta, VTT, Reducing particle emissions from marine engines - fuel choices and technology pathways

Fabian Kock, DNV, EEXI – Best practices for compliance

the moderator will be Stefano Ghetti, FEV.

The video from the tech talk may be found on youtube: CIMAC Tech Talks special 'Emissions Reduction 2' - YouTube