There is another Tech Talk Special coming up. On October 4th at 2 p.m. CET, we will look at new engine developments – diesel, gas & DF, new concepts + basic research. We are happy top announce these speakers:

  • Harald SCHLICK, AVL List GmbH,  Assessment of combustion concepts and operational limits of net-zero carbon fuels
  • Francisco Lopez Gutierrez, INNIO GmbH & Co, Development of the next Generation Gas Engine with Increased Efficiency and Reduced Emissions
  • Stig Baungaard Jakobsen, MAN Energy Solutions, Service experience on first series of large bore ME-GI engines for mega-container ships
  • Marc Spahni, Winterthur Gas & Diesel, New compact engines from WinGD tailored to the changing needs of modern vessels, applying latest innovations
  • Menno Merts, Lund University, Experimental optimization of a medium speed Dual Fuel engine towards RCCI operation

Alexander Knafl, MAN Energy Solutions, will be the moderator. 

The Video from the tech talk may be found on Youtube:  CIMAC Tech Talks special 'New Engine Developments – Diesel, Gas & DF, New concepts + Basic Research - YouTube