The next Tech Talks Special will take place on July 12th at 2 p.m. CET. The thematic focus will be "New Engine Developments / Fuels and Lubricants". The following presentations will be held:

Alexander Knafl, MAN Energy Solutions, Four-Stroke Engine Solutions for Low-Carbon and Carbon Free Fuels

Nicole Wermuth LEC GmbH, Sustainable H2-Methanol Ship Propulsion – from HyMethShip concept idea to technology demonstration

Jiaying PanTianjin University, Optical experiments on ammonia combustion in spark-ignition engines with enhanced turbulence

Amy ChallinorInfineum, Demonstrating Significant Fuel Consumption and Emissions Savings with Combustion Improver Additives

The video from the tech talk may be found on youtube: CIMAC Tech Talks special 'New Engine Developments Fuels and Lubricants' - YouTube