The CIMAC Web-Seminar series continued with the topic of defossilization in the shipping sector!

After our web-seminars on the 'Global Sulphur Cap 2020' in early 2020, the web-seminar series continued in fall 2020 turning our attention to the topic of greenhouse gas reduction in maritime shipping. Christoph Rofka, Chair of the CIMAC GHG Strategy Group, from ABB Turbosystems, outlined the recent activities within CIMAC on the decarbonization or defossilization of shipping in context of the global discussions in the sector.

The slides of the web-seminar are available on this page on the right hand side. 

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Program of the Web-Seminar: 

Title: Web-Seminar - Defossilization of shipping and CIMAC

Date: Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020, 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM CET

Overview: This CIMAC Web-Seminar will explore the crucial topic of defossilization in shipping and CIMAC's activities in relation. The CIMAC Greenhouse Gas Strategy Group has been looking into the options for shipping with the most potential to reduce GHG emissions, namely sustainable alternative fuels.

Presenter: Christoph Rofka, Chair of CIMAC GHG Strategy Group, ABB Turbosystems