CIMAC WG 20 “System Integration” recently met in Friedrichshafen/Germany. WG 20 develops regulations and standards in system integration, e.g. EEDI definitions and implementation rules. After the meeting, a new Guideline was published: 'Virtual System Integration & Simulation: A Performance-oriented Approach for Guiding System Simulation in the Field of Hybrid Marine Applications' Find it here.

At the invitation of Chair Marco Thömmes, the meeting was held at Rolls-Royce. Despite logistical challenges such as delayed flights and missing train connections, the participants from Korea, Japan, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and other countries experienced a productive WG 20 meeting. The work program was packed. To name the most important, there was

  • a vote to work on the topic "Data Sharing on a Digital Ship”, going back to a mandate from the Digitalization Strategy Group.
  • the finalization of the "Virtual System Integration" paper
  • a critical discussion of the Hybrid Definition Paper Draft ("Maritime Hybrid Systems")
  • the launch of a new subgroup in WG 20 "Battery Systems"
  • a CIMAC Talk on "Cyber-Security" with presentation of current activities at RR on Cyber Security

In addition, there was an exciting sightseeing program. Big thanks to Marco Thömmes and Rolls-Royce for the organization and hosting!