CIMAC Working Group 2 Classification represents engine builders, engine designers and worldwide suppliers. The WG now met in Hamburg, Germany for its autumn meeting. Hosted by DNV, this was the first time in many years to meet at a Classification Society.

One of the main topics was a report from the annual meeting of WG2 Chair & Secretary with the IACS Machinery Panel, which took place in Paris in September. CIMAC is the only external organization with this direct access to IACS. As usual, the Chairman of the IACS MP, Mr Amir Lotfolazadeh, was present at the WG-meeting to give an overview of ongoing projects in the Machinery Panel. WG2 agreed to set up a Sub-Working Group for the "Definition of Corrosiveness". On the topic of the "Definition of Toxicity", the WG decided to call for a separate meeting to further discuss the issue and to prepare a proposal to the IACS MP. The next in-person meeting of WG2 will take place during the CIMAC Common Meeting Week schedulded in Frankfurt, December 2024.