June 22

CIMAC has been officially accepted as a member to the Renewable and Low-Carbon Fuels Value Chain Industrial Alliance.

The Alliance is a new initiative that focuses on boosting production and supply of renewable and low-carbon fuels in the aviation and waterborne sectors. It is a key flanking measure to the FuelEU Maritime and RefuelEU Aviation initiatives. It is a voluntary collaboration of stakeholders from across the transport fuels and other relevant value chains, from sourcing to end-users, as well as technology and finance providers for each step in the value chain. They represent both the fuels supply and demand sides from the aviation and waterborne sectors, as well as civil society organisation, governments and their agencies. The objective of the Alliance is to ensure that aviation and shipping have sufficient access to renewable and low carbon fuels, while taking into account the future use of these fuels in road transport, and thus contributing to a reduction in the transport sector’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 90% by 2050. 

Find more info on the Renewable and Low-Carbon Fuels Value Chain Industrial Alliance here.