CIMAC Newsletter May 2024

Finally, the Board & Council meeting could take place face-to-face in China, as it had been planned for a long time. It was a very fruitful meeting characterized by a positive atmosphere. Many thanks once again for the invitation to our host, CIMAC Past President Prof. Jin Donghan.

There have been so many other things happening at CIMAC that we didn't want to wait and simply brought forward the newsletter, which is regularly published quarterly. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Yours sincerely

Peter Müller-Baum
Secretary General


CIMAC Digitalization Strategy Group publishes new Position Paper

CIMAC Digitalization Strategy Group publishes new Position Paper -  Digitalization provides the opportunity to generate optimized technical solutions based on highly integrated...

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Board & Council meeting in Tianjin

After many years of waiting and postponements due to Covid-19, Past President Prof. Jin Donghan now invited CIMAC Board & Council members to Tianjin/China for the 2024 spring meeting.

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Marko Dekena leaves CIMAC Board

Marko Dekena, Vice President Working Groups, has decided to leave the CIMAC board after many years in various roles.

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CIMAC CASCADES in September in Germany

The next CIMAC CASCADES will take place on September 11 in Rostock/Germany. The format is intended to introduce and inspire young people to the industry and the topic of large engines.

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CIMAC CONGRESS: sponsoring still available

The CIMAC Congress is without any doubt an ideal platform for sponsoring opportunities.There are still options left.

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